Tomorrow’s ideas


Among the convenient and useful inventions for the kitchen, Jokari offers the baggy opener pro. With its adjustable arms, it will hold storage bags open for easy food filling. This essential tool is truly an extra set of hands that will make you appreciate lunch preparations, storing leftovers or preparing portions to freeze. Its suction cup base also provides extra stability when uploading food containing liquid such as spaghetti sauce.

Then comes the plate and bowl holders. These microfiber holders will safely make you remove any hot bowls or dishes from the microwave without burning your fingers while your dish stays hot! You just have to put the support under your dish in the microwave, then you can take out your plate with the support.

The Jokari bottletop baster is undoubtedly one of the inventions that BBQ lovers will appreciate the most. It's the perfect tool for basting BBQ sauce, salad dressings or marinades straight from a bottle. The sauce baster with its silicone brush is suitable for most plastic sauce bottles. Simply replace the bottle cap with the sauce baster and you're ready to baste your meats and poultry without a mess!

Jokari also offers the 4-in-1 multiple bottle opener for opening both tabs of cans and all types of caps (small, large, twisted, pop tops), the very ones that always offer resistance when we try to open them. A versatile tool that allows people with joint pain or arthritis to open all types of bottles effortlessly. In the same vein, Jokari also offers a 2-in-1 bottle opener and magnifier to open effortlessly your medicine bottles and read the fine print of your prescriptions.

One of the popular items for the bathroom is the whale fountain. Not only will it turn your faucet into a fountain, but brushing teeth will never be so much fun for kids! This little whale is easily installed in one simple step and fits most standard faucets. It does not interfere with the smooth flow of water. Just release the mouth and the water will start flowing back through the whale’s mouth with a regular flow.