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Jokari is the world’s greatest ball-on-a-string racket sport and we want to share it. These are testominals from real people about Jokari.


  • A Great Workout

    I have been a merchant mariner for 36 years and have been playing Jokari on board ship whenever space allowed. A great workout solo or dual....

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  • Love This Game

    Love This Game. Here are some photos of us playing. See photos from Patrick in Gallery Patrick Bouslog...

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  • My 7 and 5 year old children are loving it!

    We enjoyed our new Jokari game this afternoon! While we don't have proper racquets yet, we made do with a plastic bat and a badminton racquet. :) I...

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  • My Brother Gave Me a Set

    I love this game! My brother gave me a set in the 70's and I have given them until they were hard to find. I see you have the ball and the elastic....

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  • Thanks for Brining it life again.

    I say I was a teen in the 70's when my mother bought me the Jokari for my birthday. It didn't take long for my mother to realize it was one of my...

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  • Hit_The_BallHit_The_Ball
  • Jokari_in_MotionJokari_in_Motion
  • Love_This_GameLove_This_Game
  • Love_This_Game2Love_This_Game2
  • Love_This_Game3Love_This_Game3
  • Love_This_Game4Love_This_Game4
  • Love_This_Game5Love_This_Game5
  • P1110394P1110394
  • P1110402P1110402
  • P1110403P1110403
  • P1110404P1110404
  • P1110406P1110406
  • P1110407P1110407
  • P1110408P1110408
  • P1110409P1110409
  • P1110410P1110410
  • P1110411P1110411
  • P1110412P1110412
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