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"Jokari is the world’s greatest ball-on-a-string racket sport".

Donald Sauter - Dec 8, 2013


Jokari is being reintroduced for the purpose of fitness, participation, fun and laughter. It is a game with no age, sex or racial barriers. Mothers, daughters, sons and dads and all your friends can participate. The game is portable and can be carried in a knapsack (backpack), purse or brief case. It can be played in a driveway, playground, parking lot, street (like street hockey) gymnasium, back yard or on a beach (hard sand).

The game is played by hitting the ball which is attached to an elastic cord. The other end of the cord is attached to a block. You simply hit the ball and it returns.

Just drop the ball and hit it. The ball will return and you or your partner(s) return it. This game can be played by numerous people. Remember that the purpose of any game is to have fun, be safe and participate!



Histroy of Jokari

The Jokari was invented in France in 1938 by Louis Joseph Miremont , then residing in Bayonne. The inventor asked , September 8, 1938, at the direction of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry , he is granted a patent for a sports toy whose description matches jokari - without snowshoes were not in themselves an invention.

The patent was issued in Paris on 25 September 1939, and published under number 850 952 December 30, 1939. In the description of the invention, the sports toy is called " Jokari ".

Thereafter, Louis Joseph Miremont filed a patent application in the United States ( published in 1942 ) and Switzerland ( published in 1948 ) . After the death of the inventor, Anna Rose Marie Miremont got the same patent in Germany ( published in 1953 ) .

The Jokari was manufactured by the Manufactures Together Bayonne until 1958 , the year of the acquisition of this company, then run by Ms. Miremont , the company created this Chikitoys occasion ." Eskual Jokari " is the full name of the game, which was used by the Manufactures Gathered and maintained by Chikitoys.

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