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Jokari Cord Tips

Tips to Cord Maintenance

To lengthen the life of the elastic cord, pick up the dead ball by hand.
Should your cord get knotted, untangled it immediately.
The elastic will retain its elasticity longer if you take these preventative measures.
Should the cord break, simply retie it and continue to play.
The cord is approximately 11 feet in length with a loop at each end.
A loop at each end of the cord makes it easy to tie to the block and the harness of the ball.

Tips To Playing Jokari

Two players, maximum, at a time! See Exception.
Maneuver toward the block after your opponent makes a shot.
Instead of playing an imaginary line at the front of the block, it is best to mark an actual line, or use an existing line such as on a parking lot, tennis court, basketball court, etc.
For neatness and convenience, you might wind the string around the block after playing.
Always lift and set the block in place; don't push it around.

Jokari tips play


Jokari Tips Block

Making Jokari Even More Fun

For livelier play, you should try shortening the string.
Don't jump to hit the ball. You'll do better on terra firma.
If the string breaks, tie it back together and keep playing! Avoid stepping on the string.
To prolong the life of the string, keep all tension off of it.
The block will remain fixed for very powerful shots, but if more stability is needed, tape it down with a length of masking tape.

Playing Jokari Better

Remember, there are no side boundaries, so experiment with shots to the far left and right.
If the ball sails over your head and bounces behind you, it is still in play until it's made a second bounce in the back court.
It is always quicker and easier to take a step or two and grab a dead ball than trying to pinch the string to reel the ball in.
Wrap the string as lightly as possible around the block on a diagonal. Then straighten up the loop so that it is looser yet.
The surface has to be reasonably clean, of course.

Jokari Tips Ball


Guys, squelch the urge to smash the ball with all your might. There's nothing to be gained, and the equipment will just wear out that much faster. Unfortunately, racquetball rackets are much bigger, and thus much more powerful, than back in the old days of racquetball-style Jokari. If possible, use smaller rackets strung at a lower tension.

* GOOD RULES FOR THREE PLAYERS WHO PROMISE TO BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL! A player receives a point for a flub. For each rally, the player with the highest score serves; the player with the middle score returns the serve; and the player with the lowest score is third in the cycle. In the case of players having the same score, the player who reached that score first precedes the other in the cycle. The game is over when a player reaches an agreed-upon score, such as 11. The winner is the player with the lowest score.

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