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What is Jokari?

Jokari is a sport that dates back to the 1940”s and is played with racquets, a ball attached with an elastic cord which is attached to a block.



What are the rules?

See Jokari rules page for a complete set of rules.

Who can play?

Jokari is played by one, two (preferred) or more players. It can be played by kids and grown-ups. It is ideally suited for all sexes.



Why would you want to play?

Jokari is one of the world’s greatest outdoor sports that is designed to be either a recreational racquet sports or a competitive physical demanding sport.


When can you play?

Jokari can be played at any time weather permitting. It has the versatility to be carried in a knap sack, gym bag, brief case etc.. No club or membership is required just a willingness to have fun and laughter.

Where can you play?

Jokari was originally designed as an outdoor sport and played on a paved surface which could include a parking lot, basketball or tennis court or non-busy road. This a terrific game for the beach if the sand allows the ball to bounce. If a gym does become available it can be played on ½ a court. 


How do you play?

Jokari can be played either by oneself or others. It can be played by various ages with the appropriate size of racquet to meet their age and competitiveness.

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