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Jokari Rules

Jokari Basics

The block separates the front court from the back court.
Both players play in the back court.
Player A serves the ball. It must bounce exactly once in the front court and return over the line to the back court.
Player B has the option of letting it bounce once in the back court, or hitting it on the fly.





Scoring is like racquetball or volleyball: a player only scores on his own serve, and he continues to serve until he flubs.

A player must win by at least two points.

Decide on the winning score before starting. Eleven (11) points makes a good game. Choose a bigger tally (15 or 21, say) for well-matched, competitive players; a smaller tally (7 or 5, say) for friendly, recreational play, especially if others are waiting for a turn. 

The Serve

Rally for serve. The winner of a rally of at least three good hits is the first server.

As in racquetball, the server drops the ball and hits it after the bounce.

The server stands near the block and makes an easy, high, lob serve straight out. No kill shots on the serve!


Other Rules

A player is obligated to move out of the way after making his shot. If he is "too close for comfort" for his opponent to make a safe swing, the opponent calls "Hinder!" instead of swinging at the ball. No point is scored and the serve is redone.

If the ball hits the block, that's a "take-over"; the serve is redone.

It's permissable to step over the line to get out of your opponent's way, but not to hit the ball. Reaching over the line to hit a ball that might fall short is perfectly okay.


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